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Now that you have installed your bed lift kit you can now continue with the rest of your build. 

Or break up your build process & go on mini trips now that you have an awesome bed installed.

Don't forget to tag us to be featured. We love seeing everyone's creativity & style. @compactinnovations

If you're not quite sure on the rest of your layout, I have attached some ideas below in the Lesson Resources.

See you on the road!

Lesson Resources

U-Shaped lounge

This layout can also be used to create 2 double beds.

Design your U-Shaped lounge to be made up into a bed & now you can sleep up to 4 people.

Bench seat + Storage

This is a great layout to provide seating as well as enough storage for all your favourite things.

Double Storage

This layout is great for those needing lots of storage.


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